When To Start Looking For Apartments: New Renters Need This

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 7, 2024
When To Start Looking For Apartments: New Renters Need This

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Are you planning to move in 2024 and looking for the ideal apartment?

With the rental market constantly changing, it's important to stay ahead of the game when searching for your perfect home. Knowing when to start looking is key, especially if you wait too long.

You may miss out on great deals or compete with many other renters.

To ensure that doesn't happen, we've put together a guide on when to start looking for apartments in 2024 so that you can find exactly what you're looking for without any stress or hassle.

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We'll cover everything from researching the real estate market and setting a budget to finding potential neighborhoods and scheduling viewings.

Read my blog post now, and you should be able to know your move-in date after this confidently.

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Factors To Consider Before Looking For A New Apartment

Before you start looking for an apartment, it's important to understand several factors and the general rule of thumb for the apartment-hunting process.

Moving Dates

Moving into a new apartment is exciting, so you'll want to plan carefully.

As you begin your apartment search, it’s essential to consider the timing of your move, like when you want to move in. When will your current lease be up?

apartment hunting move-in date

Make sure you account for any overlap with apartment availability.

Not only can finding an apartment with the perfect move-in date be difficult, but many landlords require you to start scheduling tours a few months in advance.

Preparing Documents

The most dreadful part of a rental credit check is gathering all your documents. It is important to prepare necessary documents and records ahead of time.

This includes having government-issued identification and personal records such as Social Security Number cards. Property owners may also require you to provide proof of income from the last two years through paystubs or tax returns.

Additionally, having references from employers, landlords, or peers will help strengthen your rental application.

Above all, double-checking that all documentation you have provided is up-to-date and accurate will make it much easier to apply for your desired apartment.


As rental prices increase and online listings constantly change, it is essential to set a budget and stick to it.

Remember that rent and moving costs can vary within the same area due to size, amenities, and location. Searching for an apartment in advance gives you more time to compare prices among a surrounding neighborhood and find the most suitable option for you.

Here are a few tips when it comes to budgeting for your next apartment:

  • Determine how much you can afford for rent (including the security deposit).
  • How long will the lease term last? [A month-to-month lease or longer?]
  • Do you already own furniture for your new living space?
  • Will you be renting with a friend or colleague?
  • Do you have an emergency savings account?
  • Schedule movers accordingly

These are just a few things that many renters forget to include when budgeting for their next apartment, so consider these factors before you start your search.

Credit Scores

When planning to move into the right apartment, having a good credit score and no collection accounts is essential.

Apartment rentals and property managers often require potential tenants to undergo a rental check to assess if they can make timely payments for the duration of their lease.

Credit score and rental search

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Poor credit scores are generally taken as an indication of a lack of financial responsibility, which could result in an unsuccessful application for a new apartment.

If you have had difficulty managing your debt recently, update your credit standing before renting an apartment again. This will ensure that you meet the requirements set by landlords when going through their rental lease process.


When starting your dream apartment search, consider the location and neighborhood carefully.

Look into the local rental market or ask for an idea of the area's pricing range, amenities offered, and living standards. Most renters are friendly, and they will give you valuable advice on their stay.

Apartments Location

Once you have secured an apartment and feel comfortable about the location, you can start thinking about all the little details that make a place your home. 

From decorating to finding new activities and attractions in the area, enjoying your newfound living space is essential.

I wanted to ensure that my living space provided a washer and dryer when I did this.

After researching online, it is advisable to check out potential apartments in person to get an accurate feel of the area and any potential safety concerns.

Walking around the neighborhood while observing its organization and cleanliness can give you a better understanding of what kind of lifestyle you would be living if you moved there.

Consider opting for neighborhoods with higher security measures, good public services, and amenities such as grocery stores, shopping malls, or transportation hubs that make daily commutes easier.

Additionally, evaluate any noise levels that may affect your overall quality of life and research nearby attractions like parks and recreation areas. These factors can help you find the perfect apartment for yourself or your family.

Set An Apartment Hunting Timeline

When you start apartment hunting, creating an apartment-hunting timeline is essential.

This will help you plan for the various apartment-hunting tasks that need to be completed, allowing you to focus on staying organized throughout the process.

Once you have created your timeline, it's time to start touring apartments and comparing other real estate markets in nearby cities. This might not be the best option, but you can try using a wholesaling real estate app to find places to rent.

When apartment hunting, consider factors such as the size and layout of your apartment, rent price, and even the proximity of a potential new location.

Comparing these factors when apartment hunting is vital in ensuring you find the perfect apartment even during off-peak months.

Move-In Date Ready

So you've finally completed the search, have security deposits in place, and have decided on the perfect place to call home.

Preparing for the move-in date is just as important as selecting new apartments, so take the time to review all your necessary documents, such as insurance policies and leases.

Additionally, you'll want to check your credit scores and work with a credit repair company to ensure you are financially stable and ready to start your new life. 

Most apartments require you to hire movers and know when your lease ends at your old place. 

How Long Is The Process of Moving Into An Apartment?

Moving into an apartment can be a time-consuming process. Depending on the current occupancy and availability of the property, that time frame can range from days to many months.

If you find a new place to call home, you must first contact the property owner or landlord to determine whether there are current vacancies and the amount of notice and paperwork necessary to rent the space.

The landlord will likely request information such as proof of income and references before signing any agreement with you. You should also inspect the current conditions of your potential new home.

Once all of these details are cleared up and accepted by the landlord, you will be ready to move into the rental.

Best Time To Start Looking For Apartments

The best time to search for rental units is typically several months before a calendar year or rental season begins.

This way, renters have adequate time to compare rental prices and receive feedback before committing.

Additionally, by acting along the rental season's timeline, renters can give themselves ample time to review documents, complete paperwork, and communicate with owners or landlords if necessary.

Best times to move in to your new apartment

Starting the search early and weighing all options are critical steps in securing rental units that suit one's needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

Since reading this guide, you can now say you are one of the top apartment hunters.

You now know the best time to start looking for an apartment and what steps you can take to ensure you get the perfect living space.

Do not forget to research local rental laws, inspect your new home, and review all documents before signing a lease agreement. 


Are 2 months too early to look for an apartment?

That is actually going to be late as you need more time to speak with a property manager or leasing company and submit an application.

The best time to start looking for an apartment is several months before the beginning of a rental season or calendar year. This allows you to compare prices, get feedback, review documents, and complete paperwork if necessary.

How in advance should you look for an apartment?

I would say to start looking for 4-6 months, so you have enough time to monitor your credit and see if you need to build your credit score. It also allows you to compare properties in your area and research potential landlords.

What is the best month to look for an apartment?

The best time to look for an apartment depends on the rental market in your area and when leases typically begin.

In general, it is best to start looking during the winter months, as leasing companies will have specials and incentives. Additionally, during the winter months, there tend to be fewer people looking for apartments, so that you may have more options.

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