Dovly Review 2024: A Credit Repair APP Made For Beginners

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 19, 2024
Dovly Review

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If you're like most people, your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life.

A bad credit score can mean you can't get a loan for a car or a house, and you may have to pay higher interest rates on any debt you take on.

That's why it's so important to have a good credit score!

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Dovly Credit App

89% Overall

Dovly is a great tool for repairing errors on your credit report. Try it out for yourself and see what tools this app offers. Plus, get constant credit monitoring from the mobile app.


Dovly is a new credit repair app that can help fix your credit score and improve your financial situation.

This Dovly review will discuss how the app works, what results you can expect, and who should use it.

I've been reviewing different credit repair software and apps so you don't have to waste your time with bad ones.

What Is Dovly?

Dovly Credit Repair

Dovly is a credit improvement tool that can easily send dispute letters and improve your credit score.

Once you become a Dovly member, the app connects to your credit report and uses an algorithm to identify negative items dragging down your credit score.

Then, Dovly will dispute these items with the credit bureaus on your behalf.  You can also use Dovly to monitor your credit score to see how well the app works.

This tool can truly increase your credit scores even though it's free compared to credit repair companies.

Who Founded Dovly?

Dovly Team

The founders of Dovly have gone through the credit repair process themselves. They have also worked in the financial industry for years.

After they had repaired their credit, they created an app to help others do the same.

The co-founders are Nirit Rubenstein and Tedis Baboumian. They have both worked in the financial sector and wanted a way for those to fix their scores using free options.

Top Benefits Of Dovly

  •  Dovly members see a significant improvement in their Dovly Score of 54 points or more in less than six months.
  • This is the first credit score app that offers a free plan to customers.
  • Dovly now includes a free mobile app for its customers.
  • You get real-time Transunion credit monitoring services
  • Instant inquiry alerts.
  • Customer support in the US.
  • Daily credit monitoring.

What I Like About This App

This app is great whether you are trying to achieve financial freedom or move out and rent somewhere.

After reading a few reviews online, Dovly has helped many members with an average increase of +40 points.

What I like is that you can use this tool to challenge these items:

  • Late payments
  • Public Records
  • Charge-offs
  • Identity theft issues
  • Collections
  • Medical collections
  • Inaccurate payment history

What I Don't About This App

Just like another app that helps you increase your credit score, they will always have ways to make money off of you.

Dovly is a great tool, and it's one of the best credit repair apps I've used, but there are some things I don't like about it.

They will hit you on many different affiliate products, which is very common with credit score apps.

Dovly Features

Let's review all the awesome features you get when you become a member.

Dovly VS Competitors

Credit Report Access

You can view any inaccurate items and monitor your progress with credit report access.

You can also see all the negative items dragging down your score.

This is important so you can see what Dovly is working on and how well it's doing.

Once the app sees any wrong information on your account, you can draft dispute letters directly from your dashboard.

Dovly offers this feature for free.

Dispute Status

To have continued success, you'll want to use the dispute status features and consistently review any noticeable changes made to your credit score.

This will work for all three credit bureaus, and you'll be able to see any credit repair progress.

Dovly University

While improving your credit scores with this semi-free service, you can use Dovly University to learn more about credit and how it works.

You'll be able to read articles and get tips on improving your financial situation. This is a great way to stay motivated while using Dovly credit repair.

This is important as you move forward with this tool because credit improvement takes time.

Premium Perks

With the premium perks features, you'll be able to save on everyday purchases. You'll get cash back rewards, discounts, and other offers.

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Here are a few things then you can save on:

  • 30% Off Car Rentals
  • 50% Off Hotels
  • 25% Off Local Restaurants
  • 20% Off Theme Parks
  • 15% Off Auto Care

They have partnered with multiple companies, which is one of the main reasons Dovly has succeeded.


The dashboard is a very simple yet effective way to monitor all of your services and status updates in one place.

You can see your credit score, any negative items being disputed, and your account's progress.

This is a great way to stay on top of your credit repair without having to constantly check your email or credit report.

It's also very user-friendly, so you won't be overwhelmed by information.

You can turn on notifications whenever you've received an update on your credit report errors.

Dovly Pricing

Dovly Pricing

Dovly has a free plan which is still great without any hidden fees. But like any other business, they will have limited features.

So to get certain features that will speed up your credit improvement journey, you must sign up for the monthly or yearly plan.

So how much does Dovly cost?

Free Plan: $0

  • 1 Dispute/mo with TransUnion
  • TransUnion monthly credit report
  • Score No credit card required

Ultimate Plan: $99

  • All-in-one credit plan to protect and maximize your credit
  • TransUnionĀ® real-time credit report and score
  • $1 million ID theft insurance
  • TransUnionĀ® credit & ID theft monitoring
  • Instant inquiry alerts
  • Enhanced credit monitoring
  • $4.5k+ Annual savings and discounts
  • Live US-based support
  • Bonus - act now and get unlimited disputes with all three bureaus for a year!

Premium Plan: $39.99/monthly

  • Everything in the Ultimate plan
  • 3 Disputes every month with all 3 bureaus

As you can see, compared to other credit repair services, Dovly offers an amazing pricing plan for its customers.

You'll get a lot of quotes from other credit fixing businesses and you'll be able to see the difference in pricing.

They also offer a variety of features that other credit repair services don't have, such as their University and Premium Perks.

If you're looking for a credit repair service that can help you improve your credit score, then we recommend trying out Dovly.

You won't be disappointed.

My Personal Experience Using Dovly Credit Repair

I've noticed a huge increase in my credit score when using this automated credit improvement platform.

I also like monitoring my credit report and account progress from the dashboard.

Dovly Eddy Balle

The dispute process is very user-friendly, and Dovly offers a variety of features that other credit repair services don't have.

My only complaint is that I would like to see more options on the free plan.

Overall, I'm very pleased with Dovly and would recommend it to anyone who needs help improving their credit score.

Does Dovly Have An App?

Yes, they have an app that you can use completely free. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. You'll need to become a Dovly member.

Dovly Alternatives

Depending on your needs, we will list a few alternatives to Dovly Credit Repair:

  • Credit Saint: This credit repair service offers a variety of features, such as credit counseling and monitoring, for a monthly fee.
  • Lexington Law: This is another popular credit improvement service that has been around for a while. They offer a free consultation to see if you qualify.
  • Credit Versio: This app allows you to dispute with any credit bureau and review your credit reports monthly.
  • Credit Sesame: This is a credit monitoring service that also offers some tools to help you improve your credit score.
  • Credit Karma: This popular free credit monitoring service offers some tools to help improve your credit score. They also give you some cool resources to stay ahead financially.

Is Dovly Legit?

Yes, Dovly is completely legit; you can even use the tool for free before purchasing.

With the free version, you can get a quick overview of your credit score and any important updates on your report.

This way, you can ensure the information is accurate before committing to a full membership.

Dovly also provides helpful tips to make managing your finances easier and more secure.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Dovly?

If you're considering using the Dovly credit improvement app, you may wonder if it's worth your money.

Although the app has some features that can help improve your credit score, it's important to remember that it can't guarantee results.

In addition, the app may not be able to help you if you have new errors on your credit report.

However, if you're willing to try Dovly, you could experience some potential benefits.

Ultimately, whether or not you decide to use the Dovly credit repair engine is up to you. But if you're looking for an affordable way to improve your credit score, it could be worth giving the Dovly team a chance.

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