Does DriveTime Report to Credit Bureaus?

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 19, 2024
Does DriveTime Report to Credit Bureaus

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Does DriveTime report to credit bureaus? Yes, DriveTime’s financial activities are reported to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

What does this mean for your credit score and financial reputation?

This article will guide you through the impact DriveTime can have on your credit history without divulging excessive details too soon.

Plush Insights

  • DriveTime reports to the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), and its reporting includes comprehensive details that can significantly affect a customer’s credit rating, either positively through on-time payments or negatively through late payments.
  • DriveTime’s approval process relies on a holistic assessment, including credit reports and FICO Auto Scores, and past penalties have led to refinements in their credit reporting practices to help customers better understand and manage their credit history.
  • Alternatives to DriveTime for auto financing exist in the market, such as CarMax, Car-Mart, Carvana, and AutoNation, each offering different features and services that cater to various financing needs and preferences.

DriveTime's Reporting Practices to Major Credit Bureaus

DriveTime is comprehensive in its credit reporting, relaying all its activities to the three credit bureaus, including the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

This helps customers to build and maintain a good credit history. The drivetime report includes everything from the details of your car payments to any changes in your account status.

The impact of these reports on your credit score can be substantial. Making timely payments can help build or improve your credit rating, thus facilitating future credit security.

However, DriveTime, like any other auto lender, also reports late payments to the major credit bureaus. This can negatively impact your credit score for up to seven years.

Affiliated companies of DriveTime, like DT Acceptance Corp and Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation, significantly contribute to this context by ensuring a seamless auto financing process and accurate reporting of all relevant data to the credit bureaus.

Ultimately, DriveTime’s reporting practices hold a mirror to your financial behavior.

Positive actions, like making timely payments, can enhance your credit standing, while negative behaviors, such as late payments, can tarnish it.

Understanding Your Credit Report with DriveTime

DriveTime incorporates credit reports as a pivotal component of its loan approval process.

A soft inquiry, which does not impact your credit score, is conducted to assess your creditworthiness.

Nevertheless, choosing to finance with DriveTime implies that your account activity will be communicated to the three major credit bureaus.

DriveTime’s interpretation of the FICO Auto Score is key to this process.

Based on the 9 XT version of auto score measurement, this score predicts the probability of a borrower encountering difficulties in repaying an auto loan.

When evaluating a loan application, DriveTime takes into account:

  • Credit reports
  • FICO Auto Scores
  • Applicant’s income
  • Other financing options

This comprehensive approach ensures that DriveTime has a holistic understanding of your financial situation before approving your loan.

DriveTime’s credit reporting practices can significantly influence your credit history. 

The company has faced penalties related to its credit reporting in the past and has since made necessary modifications to enhance its practices.

Your credit report reflects every interaction with DriveTime, from the application process to the final car payment.

Therefore, understanding how DriveTime uses credit reports can give you an edge in managing your credit history.

Navigating Auto Loans with DriveTime

DriveTime offers clear-cut auto financing options.

By following a two-step process, applicants can determine their approval for financing and explore down payment choices.

One of the notable programs offered by DriveTime is the second-chance financing. This program allows applicants to rebuild their credit by making regular monthly payments on their auto loan.

Nevertheless, fulfilling certain requirements is a prerequisite to qualify for an auto loan with DriveTime. These include:

  • Possessing a down payment
  • Providing proof of income
  • Holding a valid driver’s license
  • Having comprehensive insurance.

Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation, a subsidiary of DriveTime Automotive Group, plays a vital role in DriveTime’s loan approval process.

They are responsible for approving loan documents and disbursing payments to repair facilities.

Although navigating auto loans with DriveTime may seem intimidating, a proper understanding of their practices can pave the way for a smooth journey.

Financial Strategies When Buying from DriveTime

Effective budgeting strategies can significantly impact your experience when purchasing a vehicle from DriveTime. Consider the following factors:

  • Base price
  • Optional features
  • Various fees
  • Sales tax
  • Insurance

Considering these factors will help you make a more informed decision and stay within your budget.

Before you purchase at DriveTime, it is best to research the vehicle data. Financial institutions often provide Vehicle History Reports, such as AutoCheck, that can offer valuable insights.

Visiting a DriveTime dealership can be an intense experience, with high-pressure sales pitches and swift decision-making often being part of the process.

However, by being aware of these tactics and taking your time, you can avoid making hasty decisions and make sure that you make a well-informed purchase.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can also assist in purchasing a car from DriveTime, a financial institution.

The CFPB has taken enforcement measures against DriveTime, ensuring the company adheres to fair debt collection methods.

Comprehending these financial strategies can instill confidence and peace of mind as you navigate the car-buying process at DriveTime.

Alternatives to DriveTime Financing

DriveTime is not the sole contender in the auto financing market.

Companies like CarMax, Car-Mart, Carvana, and AutoNation also offer competitive financing options, making them strong finance company competitors.

CarMax, for instance, provides financing through its subsidiary, CarMax Auto Finance, and offers a 3-day payoff program for customers who secure alternative financing after the purchase.

On the other hand, Car-Mart accommodates all past credit histories, similar to DriveTime’s services for all credit types.

Carvana’s financing offers a fully online car purchasing process that doesn’t require a visit to a dealership, a feature that DriveTime does not provide.

And while DriveTime offers financing options for individuals with poor credit, AutoNation has a pre-qualification process.

I'd like to point out that exploring these alternatives, including car loan options, can help in making an informed decision for your car purchase financing.


To sum it up, DriveTime’s reporting practices to major credit bureaus are crucial in shaping your credit history.

Understanding how DriveTime uses credit reports in loan approval, navigating auto loans with DriveTime, and being aware of financial strategies when buying from DriveTime can significantly improve your financial literacy.

While DriveTime offers a range of financing options, it’s also important to consider alternatives.

The market is full of competitors, each with its own unique offering. So, take your time, research, and make the best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DriveTime show up on the credit report?

Yes, DriveTime's loan servicing company, Bridgecrest, reports active finance accounts to all three major credit bureau reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This means DriveTime activities will show up on your credit report.

How often does DriveTime report to credit bureaus?

DriveTime reports active finance accounts at the end of every month. However, each Credit Bureau may take 30-90 days to reflect the most up-to-date report.

Does Bridgecrest report to the credit bureau?

Yes, Bridgecrest reports active finance accounts to all three major credit bureau reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, helping to build or improve credit.

Is DriveTime a predatory lender?

Yes, DriveTime has been penalized for unfair debt collection tactics and must improve its credit reporting practices and offer free credit reports to affected consumers.

How does DriveTime handle late payments?

Late payments to DriveTime are reported to major credit bureaus, potentially affecting credit scores for up to seven years.

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