Credit Repair Cloud Review 2024: Best Credit Repair Software?

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 4, 2024
Credit Repair Cloud Review

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Looking for the best credit repair software to run your business with?

Trust me, I feel your pain as a CRO and always using clunky outdated tools to run my business in the past.

You'll learn in this credit repair cloud review how you can grow a profitable credit repair company even from the comfort of your own home.

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My name is Eddy and I've worked with hundreds of credit repair owners to start and scale a credit repair business. I want to show people the reality of this industry and remove the negative information that was caused by fake gurus.

Credit Repair Cloud Eddy's Overview

Let's take a deeper dive into this review.

Credit Repair Cloud Overview

Credit Repair Cloud Home

Credit Repair Cloud offers a platform to start, grow, and scale a credit repair business. The SAAS company has reached more than 18,000 users and provides daily results to its customers. Good credit repair software is hard to come by, but the team behind CRC proved to provide a reliable solution to credit repair

  • Automate most of the credit repair process
  • Over 300+ dispute letter templates
  • Cloud-based software with unlimited storage
  • Amazing community and support team
  • Has a learning curve (Free training included)
  • Need third-party payment setup
  • You still need to send out letters on your own (Outsourcing available)
Do I recommend Credit Repair Cloud?

Yes, I recommend Credit Repair Cloud if you're ready to start a lucrative credit repair business. This software will assist you with your operations and grow as you grow. Credit repair is a high-risk industry, and this software will make it seem less difficult. 

What Is Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud

You'll learn:

  • What Credit Repair Is
  • How It Works
  • Who's It Made For
  • How Anyone Can Benefit From This Software

Credit Repair Cloud is a credit repair software that can help you start, run, and scale a profitable credit repair business using its powerful features.

This powerful software runs most of the credit repair industry and has been around for many years. Most of the credit repair veterans would have known it as "Credit-Aid" which was started by Daniel Rosen.

Who Is Daniel Rosen?

Daniel Rosen is the Founder of Credit Repair Cloud and Credit-Aid. He dug himself into massive credit card debt due to a bank error and started to look for options within the credit repair space.

He couldn't find a solution so he saw the need for credit repair software and BOOM! Credit Repair Cloud was born.

Who Is Credit Repair Cloud Made For?

Anyone can really benefit from this software whether you're trying to grow your very first business or want to add a second source of income.

This software is truly best for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Financial Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs

    If you're an entrepreneur, you've probably tried different business models and have seen small wins or failures. Credit Repair is a very lucrative space and can really grow into something great for you as an entrepreneur in just about any economy.

    Credit Repair Cloud is perfect if you're looking to start a new business and many people have been able to scale their credit repair company on the side.

    Mortgage Industry

    Work in the mortgage industry? Credit Repair Cloud is perfect for loan companies. You'll be able to market services right from your own website and capture leads without having to wait for them to come through the door.

    Why throw away leads due to bad credit? Before you lose the prospect forever, you can offer your credit repair services and sign them up as a client. Once you fix their credit, then they'll qualify for the mortgage where it's a win-win for everyone.

    Get A 30-Day FREE Trial

    Real Estate Agents

    As a real estate agent, you can also offer credit repair services within your existing marketing funnel.

    You already have the prospects, and they're interested in what you have to say, so as a real estate agent, it's easy to make money if you know how to sell your service and build a profitable credit repair business

    Auto Dealerships

    Auto Dealers can benefit by starting a credit repair business using Credit Repair Cloud. Car sales agents have always made the most commission on financing and getting someone approved for a car loan.

    The best thing to do is get someone approved and have them leave the lot with a great interest rate since you fixed their credit.

    Financial Consultants

    Are you an insurance agent or financial advisor? Consider looking into working with credit repair software as part of your business.

    Building a credit repair business with Credit Repair Cloud Software will help you grow your agency and build a great reputation within your market.

    Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

    Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

    Credit Repair Cloud starts at $179 per month which provides more than enough tools to run your credit repair business.

    The software grows as you grow so once you need to upgrade, their plans range from $299- $599 per month.

  • Start Plan: 179$/month
  • Grow Plan: $299/month
  • Scale Plan: $399/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $599/month
  • Each plan offers a 30-day FREE trial so you can navigate and use their platform before you commit. Also, every plan doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, so you can feel safe signing up.

    All plans include:

    • Import online credit reports
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Credit dispute automation
    • 1-Click Credit Audit
    • Batch printing
    • Client and Affiliate Portal
    • Client Signature Capture
    • Complete Dispute Library
    • Client Onboarding Process
    • & so much more!
    Credit Repair Cloud Plans

    Key Features

    Credit Repair Cloud provides great features to run your business with almost complete automation.

    You can easily set up an automated onboarding process to sign up clients quickly and without any headaches. Add team members to your account and create certain restrictions so they cannot see sensitive information about your company.

    Every plan includes all the core features, so you don't feel left out or stuck with a certain plan.

    How Does Credit Repair Cloud Work?

    How Does Credit Repair Cloud Work

    What's better than getting actual hands-on training using the software?

    Start by fixing your own credit using the free trial they offer and become your own testimonial.

    Credit Repair Cloud allows you to import client information and analyze their credit report. You'll enter all of the client's information, such as Social Security number, phone number, address, & other identifying personal information.

    Once the client account is created and the credit report is on file by linking a credit monitoring service. The dispute wizard will mark the items that are negative or incorrect. You'll be able to see what needs to be disputed and why it needs to be disputed.

    After the credit audit, CRC will automatically generate a dispute letter template with all the information they need for each item on their credit report. You can customize this letter to have all the information you need for each item.

    Now, all you have to do is batch print the letters and mail them out.

    The best part about their built-in CRM is that it will create a 30-day reminder so you can follow up with your clients.

    If you still need help with the entire concept, the team over at CRC offers weekly demos and amazing training to make sure you're ready to become a credit repair expert.

    Credit Repair Cloud Demo

    We'll dive deeper into what type of training and courses they offer below.

    Credit Repair Cloud Training

    Credit Repair Cloud Training

    You'll Learn

    • What Type Of Training CRC Provides
    • The Cost Of Each Training
    • Why Training Matters
    • Which One's To Purchase

    Credit Repair Cloud offers advanced training to help you master credit repair from beginner to expert.

    One of the main reasons we stayed with CRC was due to their amazing training, the community of credit heroes, and the easy-to-follow dispute process.

    Here is the training they offer:

  • Credit Repair Business Secrets Podcast
  • The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Credit Repair Business Book
  • The Credit Hero Challenge
  • Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass
  • Credit Repair Expo
  • Credit Repair Business Secrets Podcast

    Credit repair Cloud MasterClass

    The podcast offers free training and knowledge for credit repair.

    The podcast teaches you the basics of starting a credit repair business and the marketing tools to use when entering the credit repair industry.

    You will learn about marketing, SEO, reputation management, and get advice from other credit repair millionaires.

    The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Credit Repair Business Book

    Credit Repair Book

    This book teaches you the basics of starting a credit repair business and gives you everything you need to know about setting up your new business venture.

    This book will teach you how to get set up in your credit repair business, help you avoid mistakes, and save time and money.

    Daniel Rosen and the Credit Repair Cloud Community well write the Ultimate Guide To Credit Repair. It was the first purchase I made when investing in my education, which led to very valuable information.

    The Credit Hero Challenge

    The Credit Hero Challenge

    The credit hero challenge is a $47 course that walks you through a 14-day challenge.

    This challenge goes over how to read a credit report thoroughly, how to get more clients, and how to dispute with the collection agencies, all without prior experience.

    What certificates do you get when you complete the credit repair challenge?

    • CRC Software Certificate
    • Basic Disputing Certificate
    • Basic Disputing Certificate

    Take The Credit Hero Challenge

    Start and grow a credit repair business within 14 days!

    Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass

    Credit Repair Cloud MasterClass

    The Masterclass is CRC's flagship course, which costs $997. This course teaches you everything that has to do with growing a profitable credit repair business.

    When I mean everything, I truly mean it. This course will teach you how to set up automation, provide you with sales scripts, and grow into a million-dollar-per-month company.

    The cost pays for itself as long as you stick to the training they provide.

    Credit Repair Expo

    Credit Repair Expo

    The Credit Repair Expo is a live event hosted by the credit repair cloud team.

    The event is held for three days, where you learn and listen to other users who make over $10,000 monthly and how they got to that point. (And a few millionaires)

    During this event, you will learn how to grow in your local market, keep paying clients, and grow your existing revenue streams.

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Credit Repair Cloud FAQ

    Is Credit Repair Cloud A Scam?

    No, Credit Repair Cloud is not a scam.

    It's software to help you start, run, and grow a profitable credit repair business and markets itself as a SAAS company. You can also see Credit Repair Cloud's Reviews on Trustpilot.

    Credit Repair Cloud TrustPilot Reviews

    Is Credit Repair Cloud an MLM?

    Credit Repair Cloud is not an MLM nor does it allow two-tier sales.

    The company does offer an affiliate program, which is a way for others to promote the Credit Repair Cloud products and receive commissions when their links are clicked.

    The company also provides visitors with additional information on its website related to how affiliates can benefit themselves by promoting this product. It is very detailed in illustrating aspects such as support, tracking, what's allowed or not allowed, etc.

    Credit Repair Cloud Affiliate Program

    If you would like to find a credit repair referral opportunity, check out this blog post on UCES Protection Plan which is a credit repair referral opportunity.

    Does Credit Repair Cloud Work In Canada?

    After speaking to the support team, they stated they are not accepting new users from Canada. They could not disclose why they are not accepting new users.

    However, if you feel that you want to pay for the software and cannot set up an account because of your location, you can contact Credit Repair Cloud by sending them a message on Facebook or their support team (they reply very quickly).

    What Are The Alternatives To Credit Repair Cloud?

    I have used Credit Repair Cloud for over a year now and enjoy the results I've achieved. It is the best credit repair software I've come across.

    This article will explore alternatives if you are looking for specific features or need DIY credit repair software.

    Do They Offer Integrations?

    Credit Repair Cloud offers integrations using Zapier. Zapier is a powerful platform that allows users to connect different applications together.

    They offer over 200 applications to integrate with Credit Repair Cloud, making it an excellent choice as it gives you even more power and efficiency.

    Whether you need to link your email marketing tools or website, you can easily integrate using Zapier and Credit Repair Cloud.

    Credit Repair Cloud Zapier Integration

    How Much Money Can You Make With Credit Repair

    This depends on how hard you work as a credit repair agent. The software is only there to assist you, but you still need to put in the work.

    Try out this profit calculator to see your potential profits.

    Credit Repair Cloud Calculator

    Credit Repair Cloud Review Conclusion

    Now that you know everything about Credit Repair Cloud, what are you waiting for? Sign up and get an amazing 30-day free trial!

    simple and easy software

    Get Started With Credit Repair Cloud

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