Credit Hero Challenge Review 2024: Best 14-Day Credit Repair Training?

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 19, 2024
credit hero challenge

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Have you ever heard of the credit hero challenge that was made to help people start a credit repair business in 14 days?

Starting a credit repair business can seem hard, but this course created by Credit Repair Cloud has become a huge change in the credit repair industry to help with the learning curve.

They also own a credit monitoring service that credit heroes can promote. 

I started with this course, allowing me to start my business within two weeks. Hence, the 14-day challenge 😉

The best news? The Credit Hero Challenge was designed to help you start and grow a credit repair company fast and get your first few clients.

Credit Repair Course For Businesses

Credit Hero Challenge

Credit Hero Challenge

14-Day Credit Repair Business Training

The Credit Hero Challenge will help you start your very own successful credit repair business. A complete course you can't miss out on.

When first starting my own credit repair business, I was one of the first students to purchase the credit hero challenge, and It gave me the skills I needed to start disputing negative items with confidence.

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I took the opportunity to invest into the program because it came included with a credit repair business certificate and a dispute training certificate that I could show to my clients and affiliates. Plus, the training is very inexpensive for what you get!

Watch My Credit Hero Challenge Review Video!

What Is The Credit Hero Challenge?

Credit Hero Challenge

The Credit Hero Challenge program comprises 14 days of credit repair business training to help you start, grow, and scale your first business or side hustle.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a random credit repair certification, you can take this course and be provided with all the necessary certificates to start your credit repair business.

Believe me when I tell you that after finishing the course, I felt confident in my skills to help others. 

Who Created The Credit Hero Challenge?

Daniel Rosen, the founder of credit repair cloud, and his team of credit repair experts created this entire challenge to help individuals start their side hustle online.

Daniel Rosen

Once you join the live Facebook, you're greeted by CRC experts, who are happy to answer any of your questions about credit repair or any of the regulations that protect us as consumers. Their go-to credit expert trainers can answer your questions about this business model.

How Much Does The Credit Hero Challenge Cost?

This challenge costs $47 and comes with awesome credit repair resources for your new business venture.

What's included In the challenge?

When you purchase the credit hero challenge, you get the following:

  • 14 days of credit repair business start-up training.
  • Credit repair business roadmap.
  • Millionaire credit repair experts case studies.
  • Credit repair certifications.
  • Dispute cheat sheets.
  • Facebook group full of students in the challenge.
  • The unfair advantage cheat sheets.
  • Training with the most popular credit repair software.
  • Learn how to read credit reports with ease.

The main coaches will be Daniel himself and Corey Gray, who has over two decades of credit repair experience!

The 14-Day Credit Hero Challenge will show you exactly how to:

  1. Get your first client within 24 hours.
  2. Build a solid foundation for a real business.
  3. Read and consult on a credit report like a pro.
  4. Onboard new customers.
  5. Get testimonials that do the selling for you & so much more!
  6. Learn how to improve credit scores

Is The Credit Hero Challenge Legit?

Yes, the credit hero challenge is legit and helps you start your very own profitable credit repair business from home.

I was one of the very first students of the credit hero challenge, and it allowed me to quit my 9-5 job so I completely stand behind this challenge.

After I started to make money online, I was able to continue my education with other credit repair cloud courses.

Even when you join the program, they offer live video calls where you can ask your questions. All of the coaches in the program are certified dispute experts.

If you still don't believe me, then believe the reviews for Credit Repair Cloud on TrustPilot! 

Credit Repair Cloud

Is This Credit Repair Training Worth It?

Yes, the credit hero challenge is worth it especially for the price point that it's at. I've never seen another program that provides this much value and training for $47.

If you find one, please let me know haha. You can also check out the credit hero challenge reviews online through Facebook or their website.

My Case Study And How I Made $3000

I started my credit repair business with my partner at the beginning of 2020 and yes, right before the pandemic happened.

We were searching for multiple online businesses we could try, but this was a huge advantage for us as we knew people would need our help. We could provide an affordable service for consumers.

After we completed the credit hero challenge, we signed up for their credit repair cloud software and started signing up clients for our service for $59.99 per month.

We tried different credit repair software, but credit repair cloud was our top pick.

Once we felt comfortable and saw the results we were getting for our clients, we bumped up our pricing to $99 per month.

Credit Repair Cloud Payments I Received

We initially enrolled 10 clients for free to get results and testimonials to place on our social media accounts and website.

Once we had the social proof, we started getting hundreds of messages from people who wanted to fix their credit and started to sign up for referrals from friends and families. 

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Credit Hero Challenge Bonus

I created a bonus course for anyone who uses signs up for the credit hero challenge using my affiliate link.

I received many of the same questions from new credit repair business owners, so I created an online course to answer all those problems. 

Credit Hero Challenge Bonus

Bonuses Include:

How to go through the Credit Hero Challenge.

Set up your branding (Logos, Design)

How to make extra money with Credit Repair Cloud.

Full Credit Repair Cloud Tutorial

Credit repair cloud automation


What Happens After The Credit Hero Challenge Program?

Once you complete the challenge and finish your credit repair business workbook, you'll be ready to start your own business online.

You'll be asked to use their credit repair software system so you can start sending out letters to the credit bureaus and take on clients.


So if you are looking to become a credit hero, then this challenge can be a great start. You can start your very own credit repair company within 14 days and get the basics down.

Check out the credit hero challenge as it goes live every 2 weeks! If you want to know more about starting a credit repair business, check out this free credit repair workshop.

Have you taken the credit hero challenge yet? 

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