Client Dispute Manager Software Review 2024: Best All-In-One CRM?

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 4, 2024
Client Dispute Manager Software Review

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Looking for a credit repair software that offers all the features you need to start a credit repair business?

Don't worry. In this review, you'll find out if Client Dispute Manager is the perfect solution to jumpstart your credit repair business.

And the best part? They offer a 30-day free trial to test out before you make any huge commitments!

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Before we begin the complete client dispute manager software review, I'd like to tell you why you should keep reading. My name is Eddy, and I started a profitable credit repair business at the beginning of 2020.

I've tried a few different credit repair software and compiled a list of my favorites. Depending on your needs, credit repair business software might be the right solution, as it was for me.

Let's get started on the Client Dispute Manager Software review.

Client Dispute Manager Software Overview

Client Dispute Manager Software

Client Dispute Manager Software provides an easy way for you to get started with your own credit repair business. It features client management, credit reporting tools, creates credit repair automation, and much more. In this review, I will explain what client dispute manager software is all about and how it can help you succeed at building a profitable credit repair company.


  • Import credit reports with 1 click
  • Create credit audits within 30 seconds
  • Free credit repair business training
  • Top notch support team & community


  • Dashboard can be overwhelming
  • Need to upgrade for more features

Do I Recommend CDM?

Yes, I recommend Client Dispute Manager if you want to start, grow, and run a credit repair business. It definitely pays for itself if you use all the features it provides and work on this business on a daily business.

What Is Client Dispute Manager

Client Dispute Manager Software Reviews

What You'll Learn Throughout This Review:

  • How CDM Works
  • Their Pricing Plans
  • CDM Advanced Features
  • Who CDM Is For

Client Dispute Manager (CDM) is a complete credit repair business in a box.

This CRM system allows you to manage client data and credit repair documents such as letters, disputes, notes, etc. It's a complete software solution for any business or consumer wanting to start a credit repair company.

CDM has been around for quite some time now, and the owner has really proven himself with this credit repair software. 

Who Is The Founder Of Client Dispute Manager?

Mark Claybourne founded CDM and has a long background in the credit repair industry.

He is well known for creating advanced credit repair training and wrote a credit repair business secrets book.

If you'd like to learn more about Mark Claybourne, you can view his YouTube channel, where he goes over client dispute manager in complete detail.

CDM Mark Claybourne

Who Is Client Dispute Manager For?

Client Dispute Manager is perfect for anyone who wants to start a credit repair company or needs CRM software to start this business.

Here's a list of users that could benefit from CDM:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Loan Officers
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Credit Repair Business Owners
  • Client Dispute Manager Testimonials

    Client Dispute Manager Pricing

    Client Dispute Manager Pricing

    You'll Learn About How Much CDM Cost

    Client Dispute Manager offers affordable pricing, which includes a 30-day free trial. Each plan includes all the core features.

    Their starting plan starts at $50 for the first month and then $99 monthly. Their growing plan starts at $149 per month, and their highest plan starts at $199 monthly.

    If you want to save money, you can always purchase their yearly plan for $1200.

    • Starting: $99/month
    • Growing: $149/month
    • Enterprise: $199/month
    • Yearly: $1200/yearly

    Compared to other credit repair business software, CDM really does offer affordable pricing plans.

    The best part? You get free training on how to send out dispute letters, read credit reports, and sign up clients.

    Client Dispute Manager Software Features

    Client Dispute Manager Software Features

    CDM Features

    If we covered each and every one of the client dispute manager's advanced features, this review would be far too lengthy! 

    Client Dispute Manager Features

    • Automated Client Onboarding
    • Automated Dispute Sending
    • Dispute Letter Templates
    • Step By Step training
    • Import Credit Reports
    • Private Label Client Portal
    • Ability To Create Manual Letters
    • Free Credit Repair Training
    • Add Affiliates
    • Affiliate Portal
    • Collect Payments Via Authorize.Net
    • Add Employees

    Let's go over the most important features any credit repair business owner needs.

    Client Management

    Using CDM allows you to easily follow up and sign up clients using their client management systems. They have a credit monitoring import feature that allows you to monitor your client's credit reports and scores on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

    CDM also gives you built-in tools to follow up with all your leads and clients without having to leave your page.

    Credit Repair Automation

    CDM allows you to automate most of the credit repair process, saving you time as a CRO.

    These features include creating a credit audit in under 30 seconds, client onboarding, client credit monitoring, and automated dispute letters.

    You can also integrate Zapier to work with all your other marketing tools, such as Google Docs or email marketing.

    • Automate the client interview with two clicks.
    •  Import credit reports with one click.
    •  Customers can onboard themselves while you sleep.
    •  Build a Credit Audit and Analyzer report within 30 seconds.
    •  Let the Fast Checker check the credit report for deleted accounts.
    •  Build a good faith estimate with our automated PPD feature.
    •  Import your credit monitoring reports fast.
    •  Use Zapier to integrate with 1,000 of applications.
    •  Text your customer within the software for a quicker response.

    Dispute Engine

    Client Dispute Manager's dispute engine includes over 296 proven dispute letters.

    Whether your client has collections or late payments, CDM has the dispute letter to challenge that debt.

    • Choose from 296 proven dispute letters.
    • Upload your own dispute letters.
    • Review your client’s credit report while disputing.
    • Dispute with creditors and collectors.
    • Pick from a variety of response letters.
    • Pick from various default dispute reasons.
    • Keep track of all dispute reasons.

    Billing and Payments

    Need help with getting your clients to pay you? CDM can assist you with setting up client payments via and other payment gateways such as 5 Star Processing.

    Every client you sign up for will be able to log into their client portal and view credit reports and disputes that have been sent out on their behalf. 

    •  Use the on-demand draft check.
    • Take Credit Card Payments with Capital Merchant Solutions.
    • Take Credit Card Payments with 5 Star Processing.
    • Automatically collect checking or credit card information.
    • Setup recurring credit card billing.
    • Setup recurring billing reminders to your customers.
    • Create and track customized invoices.

    What I Like About It

    I definitely loved the overall experience with client dispute manager.

    If I chose one thing that stood out, it would be the client credit monitoring and dispute engine features.

    The client credit monitoring feature is top-notch! It's a great feature because you can monitor your clients' credit reports every month, which allows for faster response times and helps them recover their scores.

    Also, being able to use different dispute letter templates makes me feel comfortable that I can help my client with any situation.

    What I Don't Like About It

    There are a few things I didn't like, and since this is a review, I feel obligated to mention them.

    I didn't enjoy the features tabs' dashboard and layout, since it's a little overwhelming.

    They could also update or create better step-by-step training when you first sign up so you can feel like an expert with their software.

    Client Dispute Manager Alternatives

    While Client Dispute Manager is a great credit repair software, you still might be missing some features. No credit repair software is perfect and you should therefore look for alternatives before you making a buying decision.

    Client Dispute Manager Alternatives:

    • Credit Repair Cloud
    • DisputeBee
    • DisputeFox
    • Credit Letters Generator

    Check out my blog post on the best credit repair software to get a more in-depth comparison.

    If you'd like to know, the current credit repair software I use is Credit Repair Cloud.

    Credit Dispute Manager Review Conclusion

    After reading this review, what do you think of client dispute manager software?

    I'd tried so many different credit repair software and I believe CDM is on the top 3 of my list.

    Let me know if you've tried this software or haven't, grab a 30-day free trial!

    Try Client Dispute Manager

    Start & Grow a profitable credit repair company using this powerful CRM system.

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