10 Best Credit Repair Software In 2024: Ranked & Reviewed

Written By Eddy Ballesteros

Updated on: February 20, 2024
Best Credit Repair Software

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Have you been looking for credit repair software that actually works?

Don't worry! We put a list of the best credit repair software you can use to not only fix credit but help you send out dispute letters with a push of a button, create reminders, and even create a profitable credit repair business.

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The best part? Most of the credit repair software on this list offers a free trial before you make a huge commitment.

If you don't want to wait, here's our top pick that even most credit repair companies use.

Top Choice

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud

The best credit repair software for anyone looking to improve their credit score quickly and efficiently. This helps dispute with the three major credit bureaus and follows FRCA laws.

Top 3 Credit Repair Software

After reviewing and ranking every credit repair software we could find. Here are the top 3 on our list of best software.

Credit Repair Cloud

Product Details

5/ 5

Credit Repair Cloud allows you to start, grow, and automate your entire credit repair business. CRC is our #1 recommended platform.

CRC Best Software

Complete Credit Repair Software


Unlimited Affiliates


Credit Repair Automations


Offers Marketing Tools & Training


Client Dispute Manager

Product Details

4.5/ 5

Client Dispute Manager is the runner-up on this list as it has many similar features to credit repair cloud. 

CDM Software

Complete Credit Repair Software


Unlimited Affiliates


Credit Repair Automations


Offers Marketing Tools & Training



Product Details

4/ 5

DisputeBee is amazing if you're looking to fix your own credit or grow a profitable credit repair business.


Complete Credit Repair Software


Unlimited Affiliates


Credit Repair Automations


Offers Marketing Tools & Training


What Is Credit Repair Software?

Credit repair software is a platform that helps people repair their credit. It does this by analyzing your credit report and identifying errors or negative items that may prevent you from reaching a higher credit score.

Although buying credit repair software is unnecessary, it makes it much easier to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. (If you operate a credit repair company.)

You'll want to make sure that the software you choose can work as an all-in-one platform or at the very least, generate dispute letters for you.

That means it should be able to do everything from:

  • Cleaning up your credit report
  • Analyzing the errors and fixing them
  • Monitoring changes in your account balances every month by linking up to a credit monitoring service
  • Advising what you need to do to maintain a healthy credit score.

You'll also want to make sure that the software is fully compatible with your operating system if you're operating a credit repair business.

What Is The Best Credit Repair Software?

The best credit repair software should have everything needed to repair credit errors, generate dispute letters, monitor credit reports, and a full suite of other templates.

It should also be easy to use for personal or professional use, depending on what you want to do.

You'll also want to make sure that the software can work on these types of items.

  • Collections
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Hard inquiries
  • Settlements
  • Medical debt
  • Here's the list of the best credit repair software

    1. Credit Repair Cloud
    2. Client Dispute Manager
    3. DisputeBee
    4. CreditVersio
    5. DisputeFox
    6. ScoreCEO
    7. Whitelabel CRO
    8. TurboDispute
    9. Credit Letters Generator
    10. DisputeSuite

    1. Credit Repair Cloud

    Best Credit Repair Software For Business

    Credit Repair Cloud

    Credit Repair Cloud is cloud-based software that helps you start a profitable credit repair business.

    The software helps you manage your clients and offers courses and programs to become a credit repair expert.

    Credit Repair Cloud takes a systematic approach to repairing credit and has an easy-to-use interface where you can quickly see what is happening with your client's account.

    CRC was founded by Daniel Rosen who tried fixing his credit on his own but was completely lost and saw a need for credit repair software.

    He then created Credit-Aid, which turned out to be successful and now operates as Credit Repair Cloud.

    Key Features:

    • Import online credit reports
    • Complete letter template library
    • Credit repair training
    • Generate credit audits with a click of a button
    • Credit repair automation
    • Onboard your clients easily
    • Client and affiliate portal
    • Full CRM system included
    • Sync with multiple credit monitoring services
    • Unlimited storage
    • Send disputes to all three major credit bureaus
    • Self-hosted Calendar for easy follow up

    Pricing Plans

    Credit Repair Cloud pricing starts at $179 per month and $599 for their highest plan.

    • Start: $179/month
    • Grow: $299/month
    • Scale: $399/month
    • Enterprise: $599/month

    All of the plans offer a 30-day free trial, so you can use CRC to explore the platform before committing. I personally enjoy how Credit Repair Cloud can automate the entire onboarding process for each client. Read my full review to learn more

    Each plan also comes with unlimited affiliates, storage, and can easily create a white label client portal.


    • Complete all-in-one software
    • Amazing support team
    • Offers extra credit repair training
    • Create automations using Zapier or Web hooks


    • Can be expensive if not used for business
    • Does not work in Canada
    • You still need to run parts of your business

    Credit Repair Cloud Overview

    I recommend Credit Repair Cloud if you're serious about starting a credit repair company as this software will give you the right tools to become successful. Get a free 30-day free trial using the link below.

    2. Client Dispute Manager

    Best Runner-up credit repair software for professionals

    Client Dispute Manager

    Client Dispute Manager is a complete business-in-a-box credit solution.

    The software takes care of all the processes for you, such as dispute letters, credit report monitoring and repair, billing and payment processing, CRM management, and client onboarding, with a white-label portal you can customize to be branded for your business or clients.

    Client Dispute Manager was founded by Mark Claybourne, who is actively promoting his software through Youtube and Facebook.

    Mark Claybourne

    Just like Credit Repair Cloud, CDM offers credit repair training and websites to use for your new venture. 

    Key Features:

    • Create a 17-page credit audit for clients
    • Analyzes inconsistencies on the credit file
    • Upload quick imports from credit monitoring services
    • Customers can sign up on their own with automation
    • Integrate Zapier for more automations
    • Send text messages directly through CDM
    • Auto dispute sending
    • Create sign up lead forms for prospects
    • Hundreds of dispute templates
    • Affiliate portal where you can monitor commissions

    CDM definitely offers a wide range of features that would be tremendously helpful to entrepreneurs looking for complete credit repair software.

    Pricing Plans

    Client Dispute Manager is more affordable than Credit Repair Cloud with their plans ranging from $99-$199 per month

    • Starting: $99/month
    • Growing: $149/month
    • Enterprise: $199/month
    • Enterprise: $1200/year

    Each plan offers free credit repair training which includes lead generation, business, and dispute courses.

    3. DisputeBee

    Great Credit Repair Software For Personal & Business Use

    DisputeBee Home

    DisputeBee is a cloud-based software that provides affordable credit repair whether you're trying to fix credit errors or multiple client accounts. 

    This powerful software can instantly mark negative items once you link your credit report and generate dispute letters with a button click.

    DisputeBee will walk you through importing your client's credit report, monitoring changes to their reports, and removing negative items like collections from it.

    How DisputeBee Works

    Key Features:

    • Bulk print letters
    • Pre-written letter templates
    • Send mail via API
    • Import credit reports
    • Sign up affiliates for your business
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • See credit report status monthly

    DisputeBee is great for beginners who are looking for a way to start their own credit repair business and don't know where to begin.

    Pricing Plans

    DisputeBee offers affordable pricing plans with their personal plan starting at $39 per month and their business plan at $$99 per month.

    DisputeBee does not offer a free trial, but you can still sign up and see their backend dashboard.

    4. CreditVersio

    Best Free Credit Repair Software

    Credit Versio

    CreditVersio is a credit repair AI that can help you increase your credit score with simple steps. They help with disputing an account with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

    The ease of use with CreditVersio is very surprising! All you need to do is link your credit report, and they automatically create dispute letters, which you can send out to get results.

    They will track the entire process and send you reminders or credit score increase alerts.

    Key Features:

    • New with SmartCredit or IdentityIQ
    • Send out unlimited disputes per month
    • Set follow up and reminders
    • Video credit coaching calls
    • Free credit repair training

    Pricing Plans

    Although CreditVersio is free, you will still need to pay for the credit monitoring service. This allows them to mark negative items and view any updates made to your credit report.

    The credit monitoring services range from $19.95 per month to $29.99 per month depending on how many features you want.

    CreditVersio Pricing

    5. DisputeFox


    DisputeFox is an advanced credit repair software designed to make restoring your client's credit report as easy and efficient as possible.

    The program features a simple interface, so you don't need any previous knowledge of how other credit repair software works to use it.

    The credit repair software claims to remove inaccurate information from the credit report, customize a letter of dispute to send directly to the creditor, file all necessary disputes in one place, track status updates on each item disputed with creditors, and find missing items that other sources have not reported.

    Key Features:

    DisputeFox offers advanced features which can feel overwhelming. Here's a list of those key features.

    • Tablet & mobile view so you can work wherever
    • Complete CRM system to manage clients
    • Complete lead tracking and overview
    • Full client communication management
    • Create notes & tasks
    • Customer portal for uploading documents
    • Add automated client billing
    • Every credit letter template you need
    • import credit monitoring services
    • Dispute management
    • Create workflow automation
    • Advanced web forms

    As you can see, DisputeFox offers a variety of high-end features but can seem overwhelming for beginners.

    Pricing Plan

    DisputeFox has great options for pricing starting at $99 per month or $499 per month for their highest plan.

    Each plan comes with a one on one setup and training call.

    • Starting Plan: $99/month
    • Growing Plan: $379/month
    • Scaling Plan: $499/month

    6. ScoreCEO


    ScoreCEO is a credit repair business software that helps you create more revenue from your credit repair company.

    It's designed to simplify the business process of collecting money from clients, scheduling appointments, and follow-up conversations about their credit files.

    If you want to take your credit repair company to the next level, they offer in-house outsourcing for increased productivity and process optimization.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to use CRO wizard
    • Create sales pipeline
    • Take payments as recurring or pay per delete
    • Create branded campaigns
    • Social referral integration
    • Create e-document signatures
    • Google analytics integration

    Pricing Plans

    ScoreCEO offers a forever free trial before you commit to making a purchase.

    Their pricing starts at $129 per month and their highest plan is at $299 per month.

    • Forever Free: $0/month
    • Kickstart: $129/month
    • Essential: $179/month
    • Advanced $299/month

    ScoreCeo is a great alternative if you want to run your entire credit repair company.

    7. Whitelabel CRO

    Whitelabel CRO

    Whitelabel CRO is a privately branded credit repair software designed to meet the needs of someone who wants to run a credit repair company.

    The software is designed for credit repair professionals who want to manage and maintain their own clientele without having any outsourcing help or loss in service quality.

    Whitelabel CRO is completely customizable, and none of your employees need to know what software you use for your business.

    Their website claims they have 47% faster disputing and 33% more features than any other software.

    Key Features:

    • Privately white-label your software
    • Create smart automation processes
    • Batch dispute letter generation
    • Zapier supported
    • Payment reminders and dunning email drips
    • All-in-one communication tools
    • Instantly import credit reports and scores
    • Offer pay per delete option

    Pricing Plans

    Whitelabel CRO offers everything you need to run a profitable credit repair business for $197 per month.

    No free trial is included with this software, but you can schedule a call or demo with them.

    8. TurboDispute


    TurboDispute is a cloud-based software with all the tools you need to create a professional credit repair company.

    They can save you hours of time by importing the credit reports with everything included.

    TurboDispute teaches you the E-Oscar techniques to get the highest success rates possible. This is a great choice for those who want quick results with no additional hours of learning required.

    Key Features:

    • Get a complete CRM system
    • Import your client's credit report items
    • Manage affiliates
    • Hundreds of dispute letter templates
    • Review credit audits
    • intake payment methods easily
    • Manage credit reports
    • E-Oscar dispute codes

    Pricing Plans

    TurboDispute's plan starts at $149 per month or $499 per month for their highest plan.

    • Starter: $149/month
    • Professional: $179/month
    • Premium: $199/month
    • Enterprise: $499/month

    9. Credit Letters Generator

    Credit Letters Generator

    Credit Letters Generator is a very affordable credit repair software with a free trial version.

    It includes letters for all major credit bureaus, including Metro 2, making this software very easy to use.

    This program is great because you can easily create customized documents to help establish their good standing with each bureau individually or collectively.

    Credit Letters Generator has a more old-school feel but is definitely worth it if you're trying to save money.

    Key Features:

    • Automate your credit dispute flow
    • Generate complex letters such as Metro 2
    • Important credit reports fast
    • Advanced affiliate and client portals
    • CROA compliant
    • Create SMS or VM broadcasts
    • Free mobile app for clients

    Pricing Plan

    Credit Letters Generator offers a variety of payment options, including three pricing plans at $27 per month, $47 per month, and $89 per month.

    They also offer a free trial for 15 days. In this trial, you have access to their pro plan, plus 1 client import.

    10. DisputeSuite


    DisputeSuite is a secure web-based credit repair software accessed from any device. 

    It offers credit repair services for consumers and small businesses, including dispute letters to creditors, providing the necessary information on why you are disputing your account. 

    They also offer a 100% fulfillment team if you want to outsource part of your business. This can help you when you bring in clients and they work hard.

    Key Features:

    • Customers & affiliates have their own portal
    • Complete private label solution
    • Credit repair agreements can be signed electronically
    • Create dispute automation
    • Full dispute management

    Pricing Plans

    DisputeSuite is the most expensive on this list but still packs a powerful punch in credit repair.

    Their pricing starts at $300 per month and their highest plan is at $800 per month.

    Each plan includes a custom website that can save you some money down the road.

    How Much Is Credit Repair Software?

    The pricing for credit repair software depends on the outcome that you want. There are many free credit repair software on the internet, but they don't always work as promised and can have adverse effects on your credit score if used incorrectly.

    The most common price range for reputable cloud-based software is between $79-$179 per month which should include unlimited disputing. The above software I listed all fall into that category.

    Do You Need Credit Repair Software?

    No, you technically don't need credit repair software, but it does simplify the process and help you with the entire process of disputing.

    This is good because you wouldn't have to worry about using multiple sources and not being sure if your credit score was improving or getting worse from all the disputes you've sent out.

    Cloud-based credit software will also help you create a plan to repair your credit score.

    This means that it has algorithms that can calculate the best way for you to improve your credit score based on whether or not there's anything negative on your reports, such as late payments and collections. 


    After reading this article, you should better understand what credit repair software you want to use for yourself or your business.

    The software I listed is all reputable, and you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

    Credit Repair Cloud 30-Day Free Trial

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