I'm Eddy. Credit Building Nerd.

I've been helping others repair their credit, make more brilliant money moves, and protect their identity. My goal is for you to leave on the same path as others I've taught. 

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My Story

Started My First Office Job In Debt Resolution - 2019

After completing my Army Reserve training, I returned home and got a job helping students consolidate their debt and student loans via PSLF. I learned that most people were paying for school and getting robbed by these collectors. This completely changed my mindset about debt. 

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Worked For A Shady Credit Repair Company - 2021

I started working for a shady credit repair company that was making their clients go into forbearance and then causing them to go into collections so they could settle with the new debt collector. I couldn't believe it and knew I needed to make a difference for consumers all around the world.

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Started A Credit Repair YouTube Channel - 2023

After some time, I ended up starting my credit repair YouTube channel, teaching others how to fix their credit scores. This also led to many people wanting to start their own credit repair business.

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